Nowadays, divorce rate has been rising sharply in China, because most people think that it's better to get divorced than stick to a bad marriage. But for those couples who have children, they had better think over before getting divorced. Parents' divorce may have some negative effects on their children. Firstly, the love of father is different from the love of mother. Children need both of the love. Without each of the love, they may not grow up healthily. Secondly, in order to raise the family, the single parents have to work harder, so that they may have less time to accompany with their children. The children may feel neglected, which may cause mental problems. Besides, if the single parents get married again, the children may get hurt by calling another person father or mother. If they can't get along well with each other, the situation will become even worse. Thus, for the sake of their children, parents are not supposed to get divorced in a rush. They should think twice.